Sonia Grineva
Sonia is a Russian artist who lives and paints in Italy and New York City. She is a graduate of the Stroganov Art Institute, Moscow’s leading art school whose professors have included Kandinsky among others. After coming to the United States a t the age of 20, she studied at the National Academy Of Design in New York City, where she was was awarded many honors, including a prestigious scholarship to study at the British Institute in Florence. Sonia has painted extensively around Florence, the Almafi Coast, New York City, Long Island, New England and Florida.

Sonia Grineva has an art show at Logos Bookstore, Wednesday May 9, 2018 through the summer with many paintings, books, prints and cards to welcome the spring before her next excursion to Italy. Come acquire something beautiful for yourself to decorate your house or apartment, or to read and study or to share with others through presents and correspondence. To see more paintings of Sonia go to


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Andre Kouznetsov
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