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We take pride in offering a wide selection of quality products for the most avid bibliophile to the most casual reader and everyone in between. At Logos Book Store, located in the Upper East Side, you will find modern bestsellers to classic literature, obscure novels and prize-winning literature, out of print books, controversial biographies, and even the occasional hard to find First Edition. Religious and spiritual books, fiction, non-fiction, history, psychology, children’s and young adult books, all have a home on our shelves. Browse our selection of Blues, Jazz, Classical, and other genres of music to compliment your visit with us and be sure to peruse our selection of fine gifts and greeting cards for all occasions for the cherished ones in your life. Whether you live in NYC or are just visiting, come see what makes us unique.

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Book shelf filled with best selling books
by Current Best-Sellers
Pick of the week:
How To Be An AntiRacist by Ibram X. Kendi

bookshelf with bibles
Religious Texts
Pick of The Week:
A Church To Believe In
by Peter C. Moore
2nd Edition
Various books of fiction on book shelves
Pick of the week:
The Plague by Albert Camus

Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

non-fiction book selection
Pick of the week::
The Hare With Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal

Picks of the week:
Light & Glory by Nina Carey Tassi
The Office Minstrel: Poems, New York & Paris 1970’s to 2010
by Rachelle Bijou
Lines From A Canvas by Jacob Miller
Best Remembered Poems Edited by Martin Gardner
Children’s and Young Adult
Picks of the week:
Flim-Flam Flora by David and Elizabeth Durst. Illustrations by Nicole Alesi
Home by Adam Leitman Bailey
The Magical Tale Of Birthday Dust by Patricia Cardello
Kimmy The Kangaroo goes to the doctor by Myles Scott Kobren
The Harry Moon and Honey Moon books by Mark Andrew Poe, Regina Jennings and Suzanne Brooks Kuhn

H is for Harp by Doris Marie Meyer

The Land of Oz books by L. Frank Baum
The Swallows and Amazon books by Arthur Ransome
Cards, Music, and Gifts
Picks of the Week: Manhattan 2020 Diaries, 2020 Calenders,  Madd Capp puzzles, Dexter Gordon: 12 Classic Albums 1947-1962 6 CD set, Sonny Rollins: The Prestige Years 5 CD set, Roland Kirk Complete Recordings 1956-1962 4 CD set, Allport Humorous Impressionistic and Modern Art Birthday Cards, the fine art cards of Sonia Grineva and all, Rino Li Causi and Mooonlight and Roses Cards.